Who is Tommy Westphall?

Tommy Westphall was an austistic child on the TV series St Elsewhere who, it was revealed in the closing moments of the final episode of that series, had dreamt the entire run of the show.

What’s this about his Mind?

St Elsewhere has direct connections to twelve other television series – many of them direct crossovers of character to and from the series. Others make mention of specific parts of the St Elsewhere fictional universe, placing them within the same fictional sphere.


If St Elsewhere exists only within Tommy Westphall’s mind, then so does every other series set within the same fictional sphere.

Some of the links are direct – characters cross over from television series to television series all the time, it’s a long-time television tradition. Some series spin off entire other series, obviously expanding their fictional universes.

Some connections are indirect – fictional places, character names, awards, newspapers, cigarette brands, companies place some shows within the same fictional universe.

There isn’t necessarily any rhyme or reason with having one series connect to another. There is no attempt to have any crossover consistency either within the series themselves or here as we discover more connections.

Tommy’s mind is a tricky thing to decipher.

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