Tommy Commentary

Since our recent update, there’s been two great pieces about the Tommy Westphall Universe.

The first at the Huffington Post includes discussions with the creators of this site.

The second was part of PBS’s Idea Channel, the first in a series of videos about fan theories, that focuses on the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis and uses our grid in the video.


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2 responses to “Tommy Commentary

  1. I read the Huffington Post article where you said you would like to exclude fictional companies

    I can give you a small start on it with Lariat:
    The X-Files has Lariat Rent-A-Car
    Veronica Mars has Lariat Rental Car, name mismatch
    Supernatural has Lariat Car Rentals, name mismatch
    Breaking Bad has Lariat Rent-A-Car, but the logo is very different from The X-Files.

    Another small separation can be made from Oceanic:
    Lost and several others have Oceanic Airlines.
    Fringe and Castle has Oceanic Air (no lines).

    I hope this helps give you a little sanity if you every go in and weed out some fake companies.

  2. Some more statistics about the fake companies in Westphall…

    As Beverly Hills, 901210 is the originator of red box Morley (not The X-Files), it has the most shows connected to it, 34 verified connections.

    Lost appears to be the originator of two companies, Oceanic Airlines and Gannon Rental Car. Oceanic Airlines has 5 verified connections, Gannon has 3 verified connections.

    Heroes has the most connections through fake companies which are its only connections, The Montecito, Slusho!, Gannon. and Morley.

    So far, I have eight fake companies, but I think you have ten or more.

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