2015 Update: The Universe Expands.


When John Munch retired in 2013, we became nostalgic and looked back at the Tommy Westphall Universe, which we created as a simple excel spreadsheet and key back in the early 2000s. We moved the Grid and the Key here, and we also updated the Master List of shows that were somehow connected to St Elsewhere and Homicide: Life on the Street.

We didn’t go to the trouble of updating the Grid or the Key in 2013, because by then we hadn’t done any research on the subject for six years.

Interest in finding connections to little Tommy’s Universe never dies – it comes in waves. People discover it every day. People find links every week. We loved watching the universe expand, without feeling the need to chart it every step of the way.

Just recently, though, we spent a full weekend in a concerted effort to update the Grid and the Key – eight years after we last properly updated it. In the meantime, more than a hundred shows crossed over with other shows already in the Master List.

The Law & Order universe met the Chicago Fire/P.D./Med universe; not surprising, since they are all Executive Produced by Dick Wolf. More characters picked up the bad habit of smoking Morley cigarettes. And while fans who have become writers since the 1990s still love referencing The X-Files, a lot of recent showrunners like to tip their hats to Lost. And all of JJ Abrams shows have small nods to each other. Except Felicity.

So here we are, 419 shows in all, including two from France, a handful from the UK and a little Canadian universe called Degrassi are all a part of little Tommy Westphall’s imagination. Have fun exploring his mind.


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36 responses to “2015 Update: The Universe Expands.

  1. I love introducing friends to the giant maze that is the Tommy Westphall universe! Minor note, at the end of the key you don’t include Law & Order: UK in the non-US shows.

  2. Nate

    Hey just took a look at your grid and noticed one you don’t have. Without A Trace crossed over with CSI. The episodes were CSI “Who and What”, Without A Trace “When and Where”.

  3. I have been chatting with Keith Gow on Twitter about more crossovers. There is more to them, which would take too many tweets to explain.
    More crossovers with Get Smart…

    Get Smart, Again! (TV film sequel to Get Smart, which came out after The Nude Bomb, a theatrical film) mentioned the evil organization T.H.R.U.S.H. from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    (You already have the 1995 spin-off sequel to Get Smart on the grid.)

    On The Man from U.N.C.L.E. “The Bow-Wow Affair”, the character Guido Panzini appeared. Guido Panzini would go on to appear on McHale’s Navy “McHale’s Country Club Caper” and One Day at a Time “Panzini”.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. characters Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin appear on Please Don’t Eat the Daisies “Say UNCLE”.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. spun off The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
    There are two Russian spin-offs from Law & Order series, but the contiguity is unknown.

    Law & Order: Division of Field Investigation is derived from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

    The Russian Law & Order: Criminal Intent has the same name as its original.

    Further Law & Order news is there allegedly will be a four-way crossover between Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the three Chicago series (Fire, P.D., and Med).
    The Walking Dead “Consumed” has Morley cigarettes making it cross with The X-Files.
    Cold Case crossed with CSI: NY “Cold Reveal”.
    (Already in the key but not the image) Bones crossed with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
    The Enterprise (or just a Constitution class starship) from Star Trek can be seen in Battlestar Galacatica (2014). http://geektyrant.com/news/2010/10/13/starship-enterprise-spotted-in-finale-of-battlestar-galactic.html

  4. Oh guh! I missed two…

    McHale’s Navy spun off Broadside.

    April Dancer from The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. appeared on Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.

  5. And another… Criminal Minds has another spin off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

  6. xcvista

    Girl Meets World crossovered with Best Friends Whenever and Austin and Ally, pulling all Disney Channel sitcoms since That So Raven (itself called Disney Channel Live-Action Universe) into this universe.

  7. Triston

    X-Files to Fringe, an episode can be seen playing on the tv in the background of the season 2 premier, along with Awake where they talk about and watch the show (ep. 10) , and Supernatural where a reference to Mulder and Scully is made in the pilot.

  8. After going frame by frame three times watching Stargate: Atlantis “Vegas”, I can not find the Montecito Hotel and Casino anywhere. I am sorry, but you got bad info on that crossover.

  9. xcvista

    As of November since Girl Meets World, the spinoff of Boy Meets World that was long established as part of Tommy’s brain, had a crossover with a few other Disney shows, which since That’s So Raven have mostly been organized into its own universe (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Franchise/DCLAU), I would suggest it is safe to add the entire Disney Channel universe into Tommy’s brain as well, forking off from Boy Meets World.

  10. Your chart is going to get more complicated…

    Dan Tanna from Vega$ appeared on Charlie’s Angels “Angels in Vegas”.
    The entire cast from The Love Boat appeared on Charlie’s Angels “Love Boat Angels”.

    Love Boat “Secretary to the Stars” story continued on Fantasy Island “The Love Doctor”. Fantasy Island spun off Fantasy Island (1998).

    Betty and Margaret Anderson from Father Knows Best; June, Wally, and Beaver Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver (already in the chart); and Mike and Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch (already in the chart) all appeared on the final episode of The Love Boat “Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?”.

    Almost the entire cast from The Love Boat appeared on Martin “Goin’ Overboard”.

    Isaac Washington from The Love Boat appeared on King of Queens (already in the chart) “The Black List”.

    • I don’t think those actors who appeared in “Who Killed Maxwell Thorn” were actually playing their past sitcom characters. At least, apart from IMDB (which is notoriously wrong because anyone can suggest edits), I can’t find mention of it elsewhere.

      The bartender Isaac Washington plays on King of Queens is not named.

      • I’m watching the “Who Killed Maxwell Thorn” episode of Love Boat right now (Decades had a marathon last weekend). There are a plethora of cameos including Florence Henderson and Robert Reed. They call each other Mike and Carol, and make references to the “kids” having moved out. It’s hardly definitive, but they are clearly playing characters and not themselves.

      • Thanks, Mark. I think that’s close enough for our purposes. I’m surprised this hasn’t been written about elsewhere.

  11. I looked into The Jackie Gleason Show.. It is a variety show which appears to have had 87 segments which lead to The Honeymooners (1955-1956). While The Honeymooners was on air, The Jackie Gleason Show was not. After The Honeymooners was canceled, the Honeymooners sketches were reintegrated into The Jackie Gleason Show. Do you have a rule about variety shows? The Jackie Gleason Show is one difficult show to track.

  12. Steven

    Constantine crossed over with Arrow recently in season 4, episode 5 “Haunted”.

  13. Phares

    Anybody want to up the ante? Perhaps the shows are only the first dimension. Movies, Books, Comics and Games are also connected. Lego Dimensions does that itself (by stating they are different universes within a greater multiverse, of course, but Doctor Who met Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Kirk, and Kirk and Picard both met the X-Men and the PineKirk met the Green Lantern.

  14. Jay

    Another World was techincallly a spin off of As the World Turns (and characters from Another World moved to As The World Turns when that soap was cancelled). And Somerset which was a spin off of Another World.

    • Technically, but not actually a spin-off. No real connections between the two shows existed on screen, even though producers intended for their to be connections.

  15. Jon

    Theodore “Teabag” Bagwell from Prison Break (already on the list) is featured in one episode of Breakout Kings (not on the list yet)

  16. Ethan

    Sherlock And Gotham City Needs To Be Added
    On Season 2, Episode 2 Of Sherlock, The TARDIS From Doctor Who Can Be Seen In The Distance. And In Season 3, Episode 1, A TARDIS Drawing Can Be Found. Spock From Star Trek Also Directly Quoted From Sherlock Holmes, Hes Even Been Mentioned On ST: The Original Series And The Next Generation, Along With The X-files And Doctor Who. On Gotham City, Season 1, Episode 2, Oliver Queen’s Dad’s Company Logo Can Be Seen, Gotham City Is Also A City On Star Trek, And It Is Part Of The DC Universe, Like Arrow And The Flash, And Through Gotham City, You Can Add Constantine. And The Marvel Cinematic Universe Should Be Included. The Weapon From Serenity (In The Same Universe As Firefly), Was Also Featured In The Agents Of SHIELD, So Include That, Along With Daredevil And Any Other Shows In The Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    So The Green Arrow, The Flash, Batman, The Avengers, Daredevil, And The Doctor All Live In The Same Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You might want to temper your enthusiasm for all of these crosses.

      I Googled the appearance of the Queen Consolidated logo on Gotham, and both shows have stated it was unintentional, so no cross (yet).

      Please provide a little more proof (and a more readable post) for your crosses. 8)

  17. I was looking at your list and thought it was kind of cool that Gorge Reeves’ Superman, Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Adam West’s Batman were all included, so there is a kind of DC Trinity in the Westphall Universe. But when you give a reason for including Wonder Woman you list the “fictional” Los Angeles Times. But isn’t that a real newspaper ?!?!?!?!

    Also more generally. I sort of get Superman and Batman. And also including the Arrowverse. But if you are going to include those, what reason do you have for NOT including all the other live action DC comic shows??? (Smallville, Birds of Prey, Lois & Clark, Supergirl, Superboy, Gotham, the original Flash, etc.) For any one of them, aren’t there tons of crossovers to one of the 3/4 shows you have chosen to include?

    • The Adventures of Superman is only connected to Westphall through the show Hi Honey, I’m Home! which most other crossover enthusiasts do not consider a cross because HHIH is non-contiguous with the shows being fed into it.

      Batman is only connected to Westphall through Bill Dana sticking his head out of a window during a wall crawl. Bill Dana appeared on Batman as himself not his character Jose Jimenez from the Bill Dana Show. (Batman did cross with Green Hornet.) It is too bad The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet radio shows are non-contiguous with their TV spin-offs. It they had been contiguous, The Lone Ranger would cross with The Green Hornet as it was established in the radio shows the Lone Ranger is an ancestor of the Green Hornet.

      Wonder Woman (as you’ve seen) is connected to Westphall through the fictional Los Angeles Times from Lou Grant which is only connected through Mary Tyler Moore and HHIH. And I can not find any proof either.

      Please don’t try to connect all of the shows based on DC Comics together. I’m getting enough of a headache with Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Constantine/Supergirl. (And with The Flash going to a possible Earth-3 to meet Supergirl, I’m upset with CBS for not allowing Supergirl to exist on Earth-1 so she could meet the Green Arrow and/or the Legends.)

      (A wish list item for me would be a Green Team [Arrow, Hornet, and Lantern].)

    • You’re right, the newspaper in Lou Grant is the Los Angeles Tribune, which is the fictional newspaper that ties it to Wonder Woman

  18. With the addition of Friends to the Universe you also tie in Days of Our Lives due to Joey’s role on the show. Also Passions was watched by Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer thus opening that connection as well.

    • I can’t find any evidence Joey (or even the actor Matt LeBlanc) ever appearing on Days of Our Lives.

      And Spike watched Passions?! OMG! This is imploding the universe since I have a line which connects Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Passions.

      Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel to Alien to Red Dwarf to Star Trek to Team Knight Rider to Knight Rider (2008 TV film) to Las Vegas to Passions.

      This is as bad as the Seinfeld to Murphy Brown connection.

      *head desk*

  19. Daniel Grossberg

    Glaring omission or am not reading the key and grid correctly? Yoyodyne originated in Hitchhiker’s Guide, and predates Angel, so it connects Angel, John Laroquette, and ST:TNG.

  20. Phares

    Actually Yoyodyne was in Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Fifth Dimension – so movies would have to be included. Also, the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future was mentioned specifically in TNG. The Shuttlecraft Indiana Jones was onscreen, named for a prominent 20th Century Archaeologist – which brings in Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Star War Rebels and Star Wars Clone Wars crossed over, and The Clone Wars (both versions) feature C-3PO and R2-D2 prominently – they were seen in The Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark in hieroglyphics.

    • Daniel Grossberg

      My bad about HHGG, but I think Yoyodyne first appears in Thomas Pynchon’s V, which brings many of Pynchon’s works into the universe, since many of his characters appear in several stories.

    • Would you please give me the episode name in which the Shuttlecraft Indiana Jones appeared? (I include movies in my crossovers.)

  21. Phares

    Sorry its the 8th Dimension.

  22. Phares

    If I read this correctly you are looking for IN-Universe continuities – fictional shows (Days of Our Lives, Passions, and perhaps (a fictional isssue of the Los Angeles Times (spin that), do not cross over.

  23. Phares

    BUT, since they are shared fictional shows about actual events (in-universe) the actors (Joey from Friends, and even John Stamos (portraying himself and Uncle Jesse) can be seen to be included.

  24. Matt Gilbert

    Is there anyway to get ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ on this list? If you can then you can lump Super Bowl 32 in this and thus all of the NFL programming! (I think you rule this kind of thing out as with the X-Files/Cops crossover) I really want to add Tommy to the reasons the Seahawks lost those 2 Super Bowls

  25. Richard Deenis

    In the amazon series Goliath, Billy Bob Thorton drinks Heisler beer in the first or second episode.

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